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On this page we hope to host a number of discussions, some provoked by the dossiers we bring forward some provoked by current events. For example, each topic generated at the media: the problem page has a corresponding button leading to a discussion at this page. Identifying the sources of failure does not immediately indicate what their correction entails. To say that “access journalism” is bad, when most journalism involves some negotiation of access, gets us nowhere. How to define the boundaries of acceptable compromise, how to set up range of guidelines on how to deal with cases of non-negotiable dishonesty, needs to emerge from discussion, a discussion we would like to invite you to enter at this page.

At the same time, as certain themes of post-modern journalism and the question of ethical standards arise, e.g., in the case of allegedly “false but accurate” stories (like Dan Rather’s Bush document or Newsweek’s Toilet Quran), we hope to sponsor discussions of the implications of these problems. Since the internet is still young, and since most of its programmatic statements have by and large had strong messianic strands, our ability to consider these issues in the long-range relationship between freedom and communication, may provide a deep need for moral compass in the times to come.

We judge, therefore we are. Please join us in discussing how to judge these problems, and how to find solutions where we can and where we must.

Richard Landes

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